Men's Fjord 3.0

Faster than ever


The FJORD 3.0 is the new pinnacle in wetsuit innovation & performance. The FJORD 3.0 integrates 2 years of research, development and testing to create a wetsuit that is faster than ever. Our proprietary X-Skin neoprene helps to noticeably reduce hydrodynamic drag with its innovative scale array texture. Redesigned sleeves maximize flexibility through the shoulder, while a purpose-designed Propulsion Forearm allows you to catch & pull more water than before.

Inspired by the S7 & S8 wetsuits worn by Kristian Blummenfelt and Nicola Spirig.  Refined through countless iterations of development with Jan Frodeno.  Tested by world-renowned triathletes, coaches, and scientists.  The Fjord 3.0 already has a World Title to its name when Kristian Blummenfelt wore the Fjord 3.0 on his way to the 2022 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.


  • 5mm X-Skin neoprene maximizes buoyancy & flexibility while decreasing drag
  • Redesigned sleeves provide unparalleled flexibility and an improved catch & pull
  • Redesigned collar to seal out water, and improve comfort & durability
  • Hi-Vis Ocellus Pattern improves visibility in the water
  • C8 coated, Hydrophobic Super-Stretch comfort lining
  • YKK Stainless Steel bottom-up runner zipper
  • Hand glued with double blind stitched seams
  • Made for Cool Temperatures: down to 16° C / 61° F
  • Approved for use by Ironman, World Triathlon, and ETU when wetsuits are permitted.

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      We extensively studied scientific research papers in flow dynamics to create the most advanced surface available  today. While there are many techniques to help your swim performance, decreasing drag actually is the fastest way  to improve in the water. Increasing your speed in the water impacts drag exponentially: it means that swimming twice  as fast creates four times as much drag.

      New Sleeve design

      The sleeves of the Fjord 3.0 have been completely redesigned.  Flexibility has been maximized from just below the elbow to the shoulder by utilizing our renowned 0.3mm DuraFlex neoprene.  This 0.3mm sleeve is paired with our new Propulsion Forearm.  The Propulsion Forearm is comprised of 5mm silicone coated double laminated neoprene that allows an athlete to catch and pull more water than ever before.

      Redesigned Collar

      The front of the collar on the Fjord 3.0 combines 3.5mm GlideSkin neoprene with a soft super-stretch material to seal out water, and be more comfortable & durable.


      How to properly don your deboer wetsuit can be viewed here

      Before Use

      Care should be taken when donning the wetsuit to avoid damaging the neoprene skin with fingernails. Always use the pads of your fingers to put on a suit. Do not pinch small folds and pull, make sure to grab large folds of the suit when pulling. Small cuts or tears can be repaired with wetsuit glue.

      During Use

      The exterior surface of your wetsuit is manufactured with a hydrophobic outer skin designed to reduce surface friction (drag.) It is designed to withstand the normal wear and tear during a normal swim session. Care should be taken to avoid contact with sharp rocks or any other sharp objects. Small cuts or tears do not affect wetsuit performance.

      After Use

      Fully unzip the wetsuit before removing one section at a time. Avoid contact with sharp fingernails. Salt and chlorine water can damage the neoprene drying it out and affecting its flexibility. To ensure continued flexibility it is important to soak your wetsuit in lukewarm, fresh water for at least 5 minutes after each use, then thoroughly rinse it with fresh water. To dry, place the wetsuit inside out on a wide hanger in a ventilated place, away from direct sunlight. Maintenance is important, therefore it is recommended to wash your wetsuits with a specialized antibacterial soap every few sessions.


      Wetsuit material can develop permanent creases if left folded for an extended period of time. Therefore it is best to store your wetsuit laying flat. Alternatively, hang it on a specially designed wetsuit hanger, thick coat hanger, or as wide and thick a hanger as you can find. Consider the weight of a wet or damp wetsuit and avoid deformation around the shoulders. Some like to roll their wetsuits, but do not fold it under any circumstances.

      Zippers and loops

      Zippers are designed to be pulled open and closed in a straight line. Avoid pulling at excessive angles. Ask for assistance to zip and unzip as needed.

      New deboer wetsuits come with an innovative loop near the bottom of the zipper to help athletes put on their wetsuit correctly. What’s with the loop? This loop was designed to help ease the cumbersomeness of zipping up your wetsuit on your own, but also to protect it from the wear and tear of over-tugging. Simply, slide your thumb into the loop and pull down while zipping up your wetsuit by pulling up on the zipper cord with the other arm. This simple addition provides counter pressure to position your zipper correctly as it closes.

      Chemicals & Solvent

      Avoid contact with oil, gasoline, aerosols or any solvents as they degrade rubber and plastic materials. Do not use any type of alcohol, or lubricant.

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      Can I return my product?  

      Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied with any deboer product it can be returned within 14 days of delivery provided it is in new condition.  For wetsuits new condition means with the tags attached.

      Can I return or exchange a clearance product

       As of October 24, 2022, clearance products are only eligible for size exchanges, not returns.  The customer is responsible for paying the return shipping fees for items that are being exchanged for a different size. 

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      How do I submit a warranty claim?

      All deboer products are guaranteed against manufacturer defects of material and craftsmanship for 1-year from the date of purchase.  In the event you need to submit a warranty claim you can email us at  In your email please include:

      • Description of the problem
      • Photo of the problem
      • Your order number or proof of purchase
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