Best triathlon wetsuits – from the best wetsuits for beginners, to high performance wetsuits that give you bang for your budget

Written by Jenny Lucas-Hill

Having tested out plenty of triathlon wetsuits over the years - from the entry-level to the high end - writer and long-course age group triathlete Jenny Lucas-Hill guides you through the TRI247 team's top picks of the best triathlon wetsuits. Last updated - 

The swim might be the shortest part of a triathlon, but getting the right wetsuit can be game-changing when it comes to getting the most out of your training and performing at your best come race day.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first triathlon wetsuit. Or an experienced age-grouper looking for an upgrade that will help you to maximise your swim gains – without breaking your bank account. We’ve pulled together a list of the best triathlon wetsuits – from entry-level to premium – that will see you right through from training to race day.


Deboer Norseman 3.0

£1119 GBP / $1399.95 / €1314.95
+ ThermaFur thermal lining
+ Can be used in 6 degrees C water with Polar Kit add-ons
+ Ultra-flexible shoulders
+ X-Skin Scale drag reducing neoprene


The price point may be a little eye watering, but if you’re taking on extreme races like the Norseman or Patagonman and you want warmth without compromising on performance, the Deboer Norseman 3.0 is worth the investment.

Rather than simply beefing up the neoprene thickness, Deboer have integrated a ThermaFur thermal lining. This means you still benefit from super flexible 1.5mm neoprene around the shoulders, and other performance features such as their signature ‘X-Skin Scale’ drag reducing neoprene and propulsion forearms. Previous versions of the Norseman 3.0 wetsuit did bring some issues with tightness around the sleeves and ankles, which have now been resolved with the integration of zippers.

And while the Deboer Norseman 3.0 on its own is only tagged as being suitable for water down to 10 degrees Celsius. If you are racing in more extreme environments, you can add their Polar hooded vest, socks and gloves. Though of course, that comes at extra cost.

For casual cold water dippers, this wetsuit is probably overkill. But if you want some serious performance in the cold, the Deboer Norseman 3.0 is the go-to choice.

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