Celebrating Our Triathlete Dads

As Father's Day approaches, we can't help but feel immense pride for the incredible men in the triathlon community who seamlessly blend the roles of devoted dads and elite athletes. These triathlete fathers shatter expectations, embodying strength, endurance, and a spirit that leaves us in awe.

Within the deboer wetsuit family, we have a front-row seat to some truly inspirational stories of athlete dads. Take co-founder Alex de Boer, who welcomed a baby girl into his life nearly a year ago. Watching this new father embrace the beautiful chaos of parenthood while still pursuing his passions and his work with deboer has been nothing short of motivating.Then there are elite stars like Ben Kanute and Kyle Buckingham - world-class competitors who are raising children of their own. Can you imagine the discipline and time management required to be a doting dad one minute and a finely-tuned athlete the next? Their ability to excel at the highest levels of both roles fills us with admiration.

The inspiration keeps coming as we look to the future. We're eagerly awaiting Bradley Weiss and William Mennesson joining the ranks of triathlete fathers while still racing in deboer wetsuits. The thought of witnessing the love and pride in their eyes as new dads has us feeling all the feels. Veteran dads like Braden Currie, Simon Cochrane, and Kenneth Vandendriessche continue to amaze us with their devotion to multiple children while training relentlessly in deboer's elite tri wetsuits. And let's not forget Jason Pohl and Joe Skipper, who remind us a parent's love extends to all creatures great and small through their adoration of cats and dogs.

While pro athletes grab headlines, we admire the everyday amateur athlete dads. Balancing full-time careers and family responsibilities, these men still find the drive to train intensely for triathlons.Squeezing in brutal swim, bike, and run sessions before work or after putting kids to bed is an impressive effort. But it's fueled by a commitment to set an example of perseverance, discipline, and healthy habits for their children.

With every drop of sweat, these dads create a powerful legacy. They prove you can achieve incredible athletics and be a loving parent and keep inspiring their kids.The triathlon community is also enriched by father figure mentors who help young athletes from kids' races to elite levels. Veteran competitors take newcomers under their wings, sharing insights with kindness. Coaches shape not just ability, but character and resilience. These father figures mold youth through wisdom and leadership, strengthening our community. 

To every dad and father figure in triathlon, words can't express our gratitude at deboer wetsuits. Your love, selflessness, and ability to pursue excellence while being present parents is an inspiration to us all. This Father's Day, we honor and celebrate you from the bottom of our hearts.