How to Properly Care for Your deboer Wetsuit

Wetsuits are an open water swimmer's best friend, using a deboer wetsuit requires proper care and attention are essential for maintaining its longevity, flexibility, and peak performance in the water. Follow these simple  effective guidelines to keep your triathlon wetsuit in top shape for many seasons.

Post-Race Rinse with deboer Wetsuits: A Must-Do Ritual

After every race or training session in your DeBoer wetsuit, make rinsing with cool or lukewarm fresh water a habit. This simple step removes dirt, sand, and chemicals, making cleaning easier and preventing premature wear. Don't let your deboer wetsuit dry before rinsing – it locks in contaminants.

Deep Clean Your deboer Wetsuit: A Refreshing Soak

Approximately every ten uses, treat your deboer wetsuit to a deep clean. Turn it inside out, unzip all zippers, and soak it in a tub with cool/lukewarm water mixed with a mild DeBoer wetsuit shampoo or baby shampoo. Avoid harsh detergents that can damage the neoprene. Let it soak for 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinse with fresh water.

Drying Dos and Don'ts for deboer Wetsuit

After cleaning, properly dry your deboer wetsuit by hanging it to dry naturally – never use a dryer as heat damages neoprene. Start by drying inside out to prevent odors, then turn right-side out. Avoid sun damage by drying in shade or indoors, using a plastic hanger or shower rod, never hanging by the neck or shoulders.

deboer Wetsuit Storage Secrets

When storing your deboer wetsuit, keep it in a cool, dry place with air circulation, away from humid areas that promote mold/mildew growth. Protect it from sunlight and heat sources. Use a wide hanger, folding at the waist rather than shoulders. Store multiple wetsuits separately to prevent rubbing damage. Keep your wetsuit away from materials like nylon or plastic that can transfer oils and chemicals. Use a breathable storage bag or container.

By following these deboer Wetsuits care guidelines, your triathlon wetsuit remains a reliable, high-performing companion for many aquatic adventure seasons.