How to put on a triathlon wetsuit

Before you pick up your wetsuit, follow these quick preparation steps to ensure a smooth process and maintain the suit's longevity:

1.Trim Those Nails: Long nails can tear up that delicate neoprene fabric. Give them a trim or rock some thin gloves to play it safe.

2. Stay Dry: Ensure you are completely dry before attempting to put on the wetsuit. Moisture makes the neoprene cling like crazy, making it harder to slide on.

3. Use a Lubricant: Apply a quality triathlon-specific lubricant like BodyGlide or TriSlide to wrists, ankles, neck and other friction zones. This allows the suit to glide on smoothly and prevents any chafing that may occur during the swim.

4. Sock It: Thin socks can be a game-changer, helping your feet slide through the leg openings more easily. (Especially beneficial for those with larger feet.)

5. Humidity is the enemy: Races and training sessions that take place in high humidity can soften the neoprene on any wetsuit. If possible keep your wetsuit "cool" and try to put it on inside a cool, indoor environment. 

The prep work done, it's time to suit up

1. Legs First:Take a seat and work one leg at a time into your deboer wetsuit. Slide a plastic bag or thin sock over your foot to help it feed through smoothly. Once your leg is in, pull the neoprene material up as high as possible, ensuring a snug, secure fit around your ankles and calves

2.Tackle the Torso:  With the legs on, pull the suit up over your hips. Ensure the crotch area is hiked up tight, "borrowing" material from below if needed for that second-skin fit.

3. Arm Yourself: To get your arms in, reach inside and pinch the suit at the elbow. Feed your arm through while turning the neoprene inside-out to the elbow. Repeat for the other arm.

4. Shoulder Shrug: With both arms through, arch that back, reach behind to grab the zipper area, and pull it up and over your shoulders while bending forward a bit. This positions the neoprene just right over your shoulders for maximum mobility.

5. Zip It up: Have a friend zip you up from the bottom. Double check the zipper is fully done up and the velcro neck strap is snug but not cutting off circulation. deboer wetsuits feature a unique loop at the bottom of the zipper that you can grab to zip yourself up if you are cautious. 

The Finishing Touches

1. Gather and Conquer: Start at the ankles, gather the neoprene material and pull it up your legs and torso for a smooth, wrinkle-free fit. Keep those finger nails away! 

2. Shoulders: Grab the neoprene at each shoulder blade with the opposite hand and pull it up and forward over your shoulders for optimal mobility and range of motion.

3. Fit Check:Your deboer wetsuit should feel like a second skin - no gaps, no excess fabric. The neckline should sit high to keep water out, while still allowing full range of motion. The entire suit should feel snug yet flexible.


Getting that deboer triathlon wetsuit fitted just right is an absolute game-changer for:

-Buoyancy and Body Position: A properly fitted deboer wetsuit optimizes your body position in the water, increasing buoyancy and minimizing drag, thereby enabling a more hydrodynamically efficient swimming stroke.

- Comfort and Mobility: No more discomfort or restricted movement. A Proper fitting wetsuit around the shoulders and torso is key for maintaining a natural, powerful swim stroke.

- Chafe Free Swimming: Along with using lubricants, a suit that fits like a dream prevents chafing - one of the most annoying (and painful) issues triathletes face that can seriously interfere with performance and recovery.

By taking the time to properly put on your triathlon wetsuit using the recommended technique, you can help ensure a precision fit for your body. This helps allow you to focus solely on delivering a powerful swim performance, rather than being distracted by ill-fitting equipment. Whether you are an experienced triathlete or just beginning your journey, treating your wetsuit with care and respect will help you reach your full swimming potential in any swim, providing unbeatable comfort and mobility in the water.


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