Ironman New Zealand 2024: deboer Team Gears Up for Glory

by Jordan Bryden

The Ironman New Zealand 2024 is on the horizon, and the spotlight shines brightly on Team deboer's elite athletes. Among them, Braden Currie and Chelsea Sodaro stand out, not just for their impressive resumes but for their recent consistent successes. Their preparation, achievements, and ambitions paint a vivid picture of what to expect at this prestigious event.

Braden Currie: The Journey of a Champion

Braden Currie is a name synonymous with resilience and exceptional performance in the triathlon world. His recent victory at the Ironman Asia Pacific Championships in June 2023, will no doubt be in the back of his competitors minds. Currie didn't just win; he shattered the course record with a marathon time that marked the fastest run of his career at 2:37:35​​. With a career spanning over 92 endurance events, boasting 51 wins and 72 podium finishes, Currie's ambition to conquer the Ironman World Championships at the end of this year remains his career defining goal and IMNZ would set him up perfectly.

Chelsea Sodaro: Rising to the Top

Chelsea Sodaro, another powerhouse of team deboer, has rapidly ascended through the ranks, showcasing her prowess and determination in every race. Her trajectory in the triathlon scene mirrors that of Currie's, marked by significant achievements and a relentless drive to excel. Sodaro represents the epitome of dedication, proving that with hard work and focus, the summit is within reach for those who dare to dream.

Anticipation builds for Ironman New Zealand 2024

As Ironman New Zealand 2024 approaches, the preparations of these athletes shows the focus for 2024 is still very much on Ironman events- despite the recent announcements from T100 and the PTO. From Currie's record-setting performances to Sodaro's impactful presence, deboer's lineup is a showcase of what it means to compete at the highest levels of triathlon in some of the biggest races on the planet

Only time will tell if we see these athletes not only on the top of the podium in Taupo, but also when the World Championships take place in Nice and Kona later on this season.