The Norwegian Method Part 3 (Watch here)

The Norwegian Method Part 3 (Watch here)

Adversity and Ambition: A Team's Olympic Dream

The Norwegian Triathlon team, as detailed in a recent YouTube video, "The Norwegian Triathlon Team: A Journey to the Olympics," encountered a challenging 2023. Their ambitious goals, set during a pivotal gathering in December 2022, faced hurdles from lackluster race outcomes to daunting training challenges. Yet, what defines this team isn't their setbacks, but their unyielding spirit to overcome them.

Injury, Recovery, and Resilience

Gustav Iden's struggle with an Achilles tendon injury is a testament to the team's resilience. Injuries are not just physical challenges; they test an athlete's mental fortitude. Watching Iden battle and progress through his recovery underscores the relentless determination of these athletes—a quality that resonates with the ethos of deBoer Wetsuits.

Training: A Blend of Innovation and Strategy

The team's adaptation to their training regimen, like their high-altitude sessions in Morocco, reflects an innovative approach to maximizing performance. At deBoer, we understand that innovation is key in sports technology. Our partnership with Santaratech is driven by a similar philosophy—constantly evolving and integrating new technologies to give athletes an edge.

The Technological Edge

The team’s use of advanced technologies like the Moxy sensor and VO2 master mirrors our commitment at deboer Wetsuits to leverage technology for peak performance. As they monitor real-time performance metrics, we too invest in research and development to ensure our wetsuits offer unparalleled efficiency and comfort.

Progress and Performance: A Glimpse into the Future

Despite the trials, the team's progress, particularly in swimming, is remarkable. Kristian Blummenfelt’s improvement in power output and swimming efficiency is a narrative that aligns closely with what we at deBoer aim to achieve—enhancing performance in the water. 

Looking Ahead: The Paris Olympics 2024

As the team gears up for the Paris Olympics with heightened intensity and volume in their training, we at deboer are excited to see how our products, in partnership with Santaratech, contribute to their journey. Their story is not just about athletic prowess; it's about the synergy between athletes, technology, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.