Pre-order a Fjord 2.0 wetsuit, get a free Groove 1.0 wetsuit

Thanks to incredible support we have sold out of all inventory of Fjord 2.0 wetsuits. We will have Fjord 2.0 wetsuits back in stock by September 10, 2021. Unfortunately, this means that many athletes planning to train and race in a Fjord 2.0 will be without their new wetsuit for up to 8 week.

For a limited time we are offering a free Groove 1.0 wetsuit with all Fjord 2.0 pre-orders. We want to help you get back into open water right away. We will ship you your Groove 1.0 while you wait for your Fjord 2.0 to arrive.

How it works

  1. Select the size of Fjord 2.0 you would like to pre-order & add to cart.
  2. In the Gift Box pop-up that appears after you have added a Fjord 2.0 to your cart, select the size of Groove 1.0 that you would like to receive.  The gender of the Fjord 2.0 and Groove 1.0 must be the same for this promotion.
  3. When you checkout your free Groove 1.0 will be automatically added to your cart, and shipped right away once your place your Fjord 2.0 pre-order.

The Groove 1.0 wetsuit has been designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday training, while being right at home at the front of any swim pack. This offer is available for pre-order Fjord 2.0 wetsuits and in stock Groove 1.0 wetsuits in the same gender.



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