Eric Lagerstrom started his professional triathlon career in ITU racing before switching to non-draft disciplines. He has added multiple 70.3 wins and podiums to his results over the years. Eric’s swimming strength mixed with his technical skills on the bike made Escape from Alcatraz a perfect course for him. He has won the race twice. He also went on to finish 7th at the 70.3 World Championships in 2021.  

Outside of competition, Eric started TTL with partner Paula Findlay. “This started out of a pure desire to bring happiness back to the sport. TTL stands for triathlon as a lifestyle. It doesn't matter if you compete, do all three sports each week, ride a $100 bike or a $10,000 bike. What matters is enjoying being outside, being friendly, and being a little better you each day.”

When I first started speaking with the people behind deboer, I was immediately aware of their attention to detail and passion for pushing the wetsuit space to new places. I realize that there are only so many obvious ways to improve something that seems relatively simple, but knowing that the engineers are obsessed with searching for all the non-obvious ways gives me a ton of peace of mind that all the work I put in during training is going to translate on race day.
Eric Lagerstrom
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