How to put on a wetsuit properly

Putting on a triathlon wetsuit properly can be a challenge for new and experienced triathletes.  deboer wetsuit Team athlete, Ironman Champion, and super-swimmer, Lauren Brandon, explains how to put on a wetsuit so that it fits well, and you don't damage your wetsuit in the process.

How to don your deboer wetsuit from deboer wetsuits on Vimeo.

1. Put plastic bags or socks over your feet so that you can get your feet through your wetsuit easier.  Also, put latex gloves or swim caps over your hands so that you can pull on the wetsuit and not worry about putting any fingernail marks on it.

2. Put one leg into the wetsuit.  As you pull up the leg it is best to pull from the inside of the wetsuit.  Triathlon wetsuits are lined on the inside, which means the inside is considerably more durable.  Repeat with the other leg.  You want to pull both legs up so that the knee patches are centered over your knee cap.

3. Continue to pull up the thighs.  You want the wetsuit to be high on your hips to allow for full mobility through your stroke.

4. Put your arm into the sleeve of the wetsuit.  Once your arm is in the wetsuit you want to work the sleeve up so that the 'F' in Fjord 1.0/Flōh 1.0 is high on your left shoulder, or the '0' is high on your right shoulder.  Repeat for the other arm.

5. Have a friend zip up your wetsuit.  Make sure the neck closure is flush with the back of your neck.  If you don't have a friend to help zip up your wetsuit you can pull up the front of the body to give yourself more room and make it easier to zip up the wetsuit.


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