Laura Brandon, 2019 Ironman Boulder Champion, joins the deboer team

deboer wetsuits is thrilled to announce a 3-year partnership with Lauren Brandon. Brandon is among the best swimmers, male or female, in long course triathlon. Brandon has a formidable swim-bike combo that makes her a threat every time she is on a start line. Brandon won 2019 Ironman Boulder in a course record 9:09:09, and is looking to build on that Ironman title in 2020. We are very excited Brandon has chosen to swim in the Fjord 1.0 and Flōh 1.0 wetsuits, and Tsunami 1.0 speedsuit.

Lauren Brandon

"I am very excited to join deboer wetsuits. I knew they were on an entire different level than other companies from the first few strokes I took in their wetsuit. I was so impressed with how I didn't have to change my swim stroke at all. Instead, I was able to take my usual long strokes. I also noticed while wearing the deboer wetsuit that I was able to swim longer without my shoulders getting fatigued, which will be a huge benefit come race day. Looking forward to a great 2020 and beyond with an amazing company."

Alex de Boer, co-founder of deboer wetsuits

“We are very excited Lauren has chosen to join the deboer team. As a triathlete Lauren is relentless in her desire to go faster, and meticulous in the equipment she chooses. As a person Lauren is known as one of the best people in the sport – kind, upbeat, and a pleasure to be around. It is very exciting for us to have the opportunity to help one of the fastest swimmers in the sport go even faster.”

As one of the premier swimmers in triathlon, we are thrilled Lauren Brandon has chosen to swim in deboer, and we look forward to supporting Brandon in her pursuit of becoming one of the best long course triathletes in the world.