Nicola Spirig goes SUB8!

Taking on her 2nd ever IRONMAN distance event, Nicola Spirig finished SUB8 in a blazing fast 7:34:19?  Nicola's only other experience at IRONMAN was in 2014 at IRONMAN Cozumel, where she won in 9:14:07.

Nicola was 54:50 in the swim, 3:53:16 on the bike, and 2:45:07 on the run.

SUB8 was an exhibition race to test the limits of human potential.  Each athlete was allowed to use 10 pacers across the swim, bike, and run, which could be used to draft, pace, and provide aid.  Those pacers could be single sport focused, or be used across multiple disciplines.

Nicola swam in a special prototype deboer Fjord S8 wetsuit for the race.  We were very excited to work alongside Nicola and her team.  We will be incorporating what we learned working with both Nicola's team, and Kristian Blummenfelt's team (Kristian wore a prototype Fjord S7 wetsuit) to produce our next generation of Fjord wetsuit.

Image provided by @mana_seg.