When Laura Knoblach completes an Ironman she doesn’t bask in the finish chute and then put her feet up for rest and recovery, she grabs her wetsuit and heads back out on the course.  Knoblach competes in the world of Ultra-Triathlon.  At the 2018 DECAMAN USA in New Orleans Knoblach became the first American female to complete a DECA One-Day – an event that has athlete’s complete one iron-distance triathlon every day for 10 consecutive days.  Knoblach has also finished multiple DECA-Continuous, which has athletes complete 38km of swimming, then 1 800km of cycling, and finally 422km of running.

In October 2019 Laura broke several world records in León, Mexico as she raced in a Double Deca Ultra Triathalon, a race equivalent to 20 Ironman Triathlons  (a 76-km swim, 3,600-km bike, and a 844-km run.) Knoblach placed first for the women and also broke the women’s World Record and the men’s U.S. national record by 10 hours. Knoblach won for the women with a time of 633h 41m 39s. The previous World Record was held by Silvia Andonie since 1998.

Lauras adventurous spirit, perseverance and can-do attitude are infectious, and we are really excited to have her be on the deboer team as she became the first American female to complete a Double-DECA in Mexico and win the women's World Record.

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