For us, Nirvana comes when form not only meets function - but when it also exceeds our expectations. Creating the perfect wetsuit evolved over decades of testing, adjusting, and retesting. "The smallest detail can have an enormous impact performance," says Alex.

deboer works with the best craftsmen in the world using the finest quality materials and the latest technology. We produce wetsuits that elevate performance, maximize body heat sustainability, and increase comfort and flexibility for peak performance.

Even in its renaissance, deboer wetsuits are quickly becoming the favorites of professional athletes around the globe. So whether you’re a pro or just want to perform like one, deboer wetsuits will provide you with the finest wetsuit ever made.

deboer wetsuits… who is next?

Trained as an engineer in Aerodynamics, Alex translated this knowledge into designing wetsuits which are more hydrodynamic.

The goal of deboer wetsuits is to make the finest wetsuits in the world, and we believe we’ve succeeded.