How does the Fjord 2.0 wetsuit differ from the Fjord 1.0 wetsuit?

The Fjord 1.0 wetsuit revolutionized what a wetsuit could be.  For the first time a wetsuit that was the most flexible wetsuit on the market also had maximum buoyancy.  The Fjord 2.0 has refined that design to produce a wetsuit that is even faster and more comfortable than the Fjord 1.0 - a wetsuit that was already best in class.

So the question is, how have we improved upon the Fjord 1.0 to produce the Fjord 2.0?

  1. New DuraFlex arms and shoulders.  Both the Fjord 1.0 and Fjord 2.0 use 0.3mm DuraFlex arms, but the DuraFlex used in the Fjord 2.0 uses a new proprietary DuraFlex that is even stronger and more resilient.
  2. Q4 Waterproof coating.  Our new Q4 Waterproof coating makes the Fjord 2.0 even more water repellent.  This keeps the Fjord 2.0 lighter and more buoyant for your entire swim. 
  3. Hi-Vis Ocellus pattern.  The Hi-Vis Ocellus pattern on the Fjord 2.0 makes the swimmer more visible to watercraft, other swimmers, and spectators on shore.  This will help keep you safer and more identifiable while you swim.
  4. New anti-chafe neck closure.  We have redesigned the neck closure on the Fjord 2.0 to make it even better at eliminating water coming in through the neck closure, while still maintaining fantastic anti-chafe protection.
  5. Additional WhaleSkin.  We added WhaleSkin neoprene to additional panels on the back of the legs.  This allowed us to make the Fjord 2.0 even more buoyant and flexible.
  6. Overall fit.  The fit of the Fjord 2.0 has been relaxed slightly through the waist for additional comfort, while not sacrificing hydrodynamics and speed.

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