When the lights are brightest, Nicola Spirig is at her best! Spirig is one of the most decorated short course triathletes of all time, winning Gold at the 2012 London Olympics, Silver at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and is a 6x European Champion.  Spirig competed in her fifth Olympic Games in Tokyo, and has since shifted gears to take on a monumental undertaking – become the first female to complete an Iron Distance Triathlon in under 8-hours!  

We are very excited that Spirig has chosen to swim in deboer wetsuits, and Tsunami 1.0 speedsuit as she tries to be the first woman to go Sub-8.

I am very excited about this partnership with deboer! I look forward to working together on a new wetsuit specially designed for the Sub-8 project. With my feedback, and the knowledge and experience from deboer, we will develop the fastest possible suit to break 8-hours.
Nicola Spirig