Some of the best ideas are not new ideas, rather they are borrowed from nature.  The new deboer X-Skin neoprene takes cues from scientific research via biomimicry.  The layered scales of a fish help reduce drag while it is swimming by delaying the Tollmien-Schlichting wave from laminar-to-turbulent.  The deboer X-Skin mimics the scales of a fish by utilizing a layered honeycomb design which can reduce a swimmers hydrodynamic drag by 27%.

New Sleeve design

The sleeves of the Fjord 3.0 have been completely redesigned.  Flexibility has been maximized from just below the elbow to the shoulder by utilizing our renowned 0.3mm DuraFlex neoprene.  This 0.3mm sleeve is paired with our new Propulsion Forearm.  The Propulsion Forearm is comprised of 5mm silicone coated double laminated neoprene that allows an athlete to catch and pull more water than ever before.

Redesigned Collar

The front of the collar on the Fjord 3.0 combines 3.5mm GlideSkin neoprene with a soft super-stretch material to seal out water, and be more comfortable & durable.



How to properly don your deboer wetsuit can be viewed here