Most professional triathletes don’t know how age groupers juggle work and training, and most age groupers are in awe of the speed of the professionals, and couldn’t image keeping up. Since 2019, Flora Colledge has balanced the life of a professional triathlete with her work as a researcher in exercise addiction at the University of Basel.

Based in Basel, Switzerland, Flora had a break out year in the age group ranks in 2018 winning the ITU Long Course Age Group World Championship, the Swissman Extreme Triathlon, and finished third at the legendary Norseman Extreme Triathlon. In 2021, Flora has her sights set on XTri racing, targeting Celtman, Swissman, Black Lake XTri, Patagonman, and the Norseman XTri World Championships.

Flora is one of the most feared competitors on any XTri start line, and we are thrilled she has chosen to be part of the deboer team.

“Everything that’s been said about the amazing flexibility in the arms and shoulders of the Fjord 1.0 is true. The seamless construction gives you the no-wetsuit feeling. There’s also no compromise on the body and legs - you get full buoyancy and warmth, allowing you to get the absolute best out of your fitness in any conditions. It’s both super-fast and robust, something that’s not easy to find in a wetsuit.”
Flora Colledge