Betty Designs x deboer Tsunami 3.0 Collab

deboer wetsuits and Betty iconic brand known for its bold and empowering women's sportswear, are thrilled to announce their groundbreaking collaboration: the Tsunami 3.0 swimskin. This partnership marks a new era in swimwear, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled style to cater to the ambitious female athlete. The betty x deboer Tsunami 3.0 is available for preorder until Feb 7th.

The Tsunami 3.0, a product of meticulous engineering and design, promises to set new standards in the swimming and triathlon communities. Building on deboer's legacy of innovation, the Tsunami 3.0 incorporates advanced materials and a new 3D weaving technology, ensuring superior hydrodynamics, flexibility, and comfort. Coupled with Betty Designs' distinctive aesthetics, the swimskin is not only a technical marvel but also a statement piece.

**Features of the Tsunami 3.0 Swimskin:**

- **Advanced Fabric Technology:** Developed in collaboration with Tessitura Taiana in Milan, the exclusive fabric offers unmatched durability and compression, reducing drag for faster swim times.
- **Patented 3D Weaving:** Inspired by deboer's X-Skin technology, this new weaving technique enhances the swimskin's fit, allowing for greater range of motion and breathability.
- **Signature Betty Designs Style:** Bold, empowering, and distinctly feminine, the design stands out in the water and on the podium, embodying strength and elegance.
Jordan Bryden, Marketing Director of deboer wetsuits noted the collaboration as a unique opportunity with the industries best designer. "In my mind Kristin has elevated herself to be the best ambassador and designer that the triathlon world has encountered. Working together with her and the Betty Squad in 2024 is a game changer for deboer" Kristin Mayer, Founder of Betty Designs, added, "This partnership with deboer wetsuits is a dream come true. We've always strived to make women feel powerful and confident. The Tsunami 3.0 swimskin is a innovative piece of technology that helps athletes race faster, but brings a level of style to the swim skin previously unseen.

The Tsunami 3.0 swimskin is available exclusively through deboer wetsuits and select retailers. For more information and to experience the collaboration visit

**About deboer wetsuits:**
deboer wetsuits are renowned for their innovative approach to triathlon and open-water swim gear. With a focus on performance, comfort, and durability, deboer aims to help athletes achieve their best.

**About Betty Designs:**
Betty Designs, founded by Kristin Mayer, is a sportswear brand that challenges the status quo by offering bold, edgy designs that empower women in the sports of triathlon, cycling, and surf.