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We believe every human has potential that is beyond what they know. It’s the part that we rarely allow ourselves to dream of. This yet-untapped potential is there for the taking - if we are only brave enough to reach out and grab it.

deboer is there to help you realize your dreams, to help your spirit rise to new heights, to make your body better and stronger – and most important of all – to push you beyond expectations.

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The Family

When you buy a deboer product, you become part of our extended family. Athletes receive personal touches through the entire sales process, including a personal size consultation with Alex de Boer. The deboer ProAm Team allows professional triathletes and amateurs to share more than the course - it's one thing to race alongside your favorite triathletes, it's another to be on the same team. The ProAm Team allows amateur triathletes to connect with their pro idols through special deboer events.