How to Quickly Remove Your Wetsuit After Swimming

Removing your wetsuit efficiently after a swim can save precious time in a triathlon transition. Here are some tips for getting out of that tight neoprene suit as fast as possible:

As You Exit the Water

1. Leave your goggles /cap on your forehead - this keeps your hands free.

2. Reach for the top tab with one hand and the zipper cord with the other to unfasten the suit.

3. Immediately remove the top of the wetsuit by carefully driving your elbows back and up while pulling the suit arms in the opposite direction. Then proceed to pull the suit down to your waist while running or walking towards the transition zone.

Next Steps

4. With the top half off, take off your cap and goggles and hold them as you head to transition.

5. Swiftly pull the suit down your legs as far as possible, ensuring that you do not “bunch” up the neoprene. Instead grab only the outermost portion of the suit.

6. More advanced athletes can use one foot hold the suit down. Quickly pull out the opposite leg, then repeat on the other side!

7. Your hands are now free to start putting on your helmet or other gear.

Pro Tips for Faster Removal

- “Gap” the neck opening to allow more water into the suit before exiting. This provides lubrication in between your skin and your suit making it easier to remove.

- Be careful not to pull on areas of the suit that are technical and feature seams.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

- Don't pull your goggles all the way off - leave them on your forehead to keep your hands free.

- Don;t wait to pull the suit down over your torso as it can “suctioned” onto your skin. Use the lubrication from the water to get the upper body out of the suit quickly while the water is still inside the suit

- Don't roll or bunch the suit material - keep it smooth for easier removal down the legs.

- Don’t just pull your arms out of the sleeves as quickly as possible. Instead take a little bit of time to work the neoprene inside out towards your wrists.

- Don't panic if it gets stuck - just pause, reassess, and continue carefully removing it. Athletes can easily get “stuck” in the legs of the suit if they pull the neoprene down towards their foot in bunches. Instead pull on the outside material only.

With some practice using these techniques, you'll be able to get out of your wetsuit in record time! The key is being prepared, moving swiftly and smoothly, and avoiding common pitfalls. Stay focused and you'll nail that lightning-fast transition in your next triathlon event!