Ironman triathlon wetsuit rules: Essential guide for 2024

Are you gearing up for an Ironman triathlon? Understanding the wetsuit regulations is crucial for your race preparation. At deboer wetsuits, we're committed to keeping you informed and equipped with race-legal gear. Let's dive into the latest Ironman wetsuit rules for 2024.

Wetsuit Temperature Regulations: What You Need to Know

Age-Group, Relay, and Open Division Athletes

  1. Standard Conditions: deboer wetsuits are permitted in water temperatures up to and including 24.5°C (76.1°F).
  2. Cold Water Mandate: Our wetsuits become mandatory when temperatures drop below 16°C (60.8°F).
  3. Warm Water Exception: Between 24.6°C (76.2°F) and 28.8°C (83.8°F), you can wear deboer wetsuits in a non-competitive division.

Professional Athletes

Pro triathletes can use deboer wetsuits in water temperatures up to and including 21.9°C (71.5°F).

Universal Ironman Wetsuit Rules

  • Wetsuits, including deboer models, are prohibited above 28.8°C (83.8°F).
  • Race morning water temperature determines wetsuit legality.
  • PC and HC athletes can wear deboer wetsuits at any temperature.

deboer Wetsuit Specifications for Ironman Races

  1. Thickness: All deboer wetsuits meet the 5mm maximum thickness requirement.
  2. Coverage: Our designs comply with face, hands, and feet exposure rules.
  3. Accessories: deboer neoprene booties are allowed in waters 18.3°C (65.0°F) or colder.

Non-Wetsuit Swim Attire Options from deboer

When wetsuits aren't allowed, deboer offers:

  • 100% textile swimwear options
  • Race kits that meet Ironman coverage regulations

Why Choose deboer for Your Ironman Triathlon?

  • All deboer wetsuits are Ironman-legal
  • We offer options for every temperature range
  • Our gear is designed for peak performance within regulations

Remember to always check your specific race's athlete guide for any local rule variations. With deboer wetsuits, you can focus on your performance, knowing you're race-ready and compliant.

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