Laura Knoblach will attempt to become the first female to complete a TripleDECA 1x30 at DECAMAN USA in October

deboer wetsuits proud to support Laura Knoblach in her pursuit to become the first female to complete a TripleDECA 1x30 Ultra Triathlon. Beginning October 30, 2020 Knoblach will compete in the DECAMAN USA TripleDECA 1x30 in New Orleans. A TripleDECA 1x30 requires athletes to complete one Iron-Distance triathlon (2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, 26.2mi run) a day for 30 consecutive days. Athletes have 24-hours to complete each Iron-Distance triathlon.

Knoblach is the current DoubleDECA Continuous World Record Holder, completing the 2019 León DoubleDECA in 633:41:39.

Knoblach will be racing the DECAMAN USA TripleDECA 1x30 in the new deboer wetsuits Ocean 1.0 wetsuit, set to be released in the summer of 2020. The Ocean 1.0 is designed for open water swimmers who push the limits of what is possible. The Ocean 1.0 features biomimetic circles to increase visibility of the swimmer, and a quick dry thermal body regulating lining.

Laura Knoblach

I am thrilled to be taking on the challenge of a TripleDECA 1x30 at DECAMAN USA and attempting to be the first woman to complete a 1x30! Over 30 days of racing having full confidence in my equipment is essential - equipment should feel like an extension of oneself; but in long races, it also has to be bombproof. deboer has not only created the most natural-feeling wetsuits on the market, but has also made them durable enough for month-long events. I'm excited to be wearing the Ocean 1.0 at the TripleDECA, and am confident it will help me perform at my best.

Alex de Boer, co-founder of deboer wetsuits

We are very excited to continue to support Laura is her purist to push her limits and redefine what it possible. After finishing an Ironman most athletes put their feet up for the next 29 days, Laura will be headed back to the start line 29 more times. Laura is an incredible athlete, and the TripleDECA 1x30 is a terrific platform to showcase the performance and durability of our Ocean 1.0 wetsuit. We are proud to support Laura as she attempts to be the first woman to complete a TripleDECA 1x30.