PTO Annouces the 2024 T100 Triathlon World Tour

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) and World Triathlon's announcement of the 2024 T100 Triathlon World Tour marks a pivotal shift in long-distance triathlon championships. Spanning eight events across three continents from March to November, the tour represents a groundbreaking partnership aimed at fostering a competitive, fair, and inclusive environment for athletes and fans. World Triathlon President Marisol Casado emphasizes this collaborative vision, which begins with a race in Miami and includes new locations in California and Dubai, leading up to an exciting finale.

Featuring a blend of professional 100 kilometer races and age-group competitions, the tour caters to a diverse range of athletes. With a total prize pool exceeding $7 million, including $250,000 per race and a grand prize of $210,000 for the World Champion, the T100 World Tour is set to be a major draw for the sport's elite. Forty top triathletes, such as deboer athletes Skye Moench, Emma Pallant-Browne, Chelsea Sodaro, Daniel Baekkegard, Bradley Weiss, Rico Bogen, Ben Kanute, will participate, showcasing their talent in a series designed to elevate triathlon's global profile. PTO Executive Chairman Chris Kermode recognizes the tour as a significant step in professionalizing triathlon, reflecting the sport's evolution and ambition on the global sporting stage.