The Daily Tri - What makes deboer a totally different wetsuit company

For many triathletes, swimming is often the least favoured among the three disciplines of triathlon. Travis was no different. With a passion for running and cycling that easily outweighed his feelings towards swimming, Travis found the early mornings, the cold plunge into the pool, and the mundane laps a chore rather than a joy. However, his perspective underwent a dramatic transformation, all thanks to a wetsuit. This is the story of how the deboer F2.0 wetsuit not only changed Travis's attitude towards swimming but also sparked a newfound enthusiasm for the sport.

The journey began when Travis, admittedly not the biggest fan of swimming, received the deboer F2.0 wetsuit. Initially skeptical, his curiosity got the better of him, leading to an impromptu swim that would mark the beginning of a significant shift in his swimming journey. The moment Travis hit the water with the wetsuit on, the difference was palpable. There was an immediate improvement in his swimming experience, characterized by increased speed, efficiency, and an unexpected joy in each stroke. Travis began to crave the water, a feeling he had never anticipated.