caring for your deboer 3dium™ Tech Race Suit 

our proprietary 3dium™ Tech Race Suits use cutting-edge 3D weaving technology to create what competitive swimmers need most: the top of the line equipment.

proper care is essential to ensure your suit lasts as long as possible and performs at its best.

follow these instructions:

general care:
  • keep 3dium™ Tech Race Suit away from sharp objects and long nails to avoid tears that can invalidate the warranty.
  • use only the pads of your fingers when putting the suit on and taking it off.
  • rinse immediately in clean, cold water after use.
  • do not machine wash. chlorine will damage the suit over time and void the warranty. do not use any fabric softener.
  • lay the suit flat and reshape it after use.
  • wear the 3DIUM Tech Race Suit for racing only will prolong its lifespan.
  • remove the race suit immediately after competition to prevent excess stretching
fitting your 3dium™ Tech Race Suit

our 3dium™ Tech Race Suits are designed for a tight, compressive fit to provide flexibility, muscle support, and drag reduction where you need it most. take care when putting on your suit:

  • fold up the silicone grippers on the leg openings before putting the suit on to prevent sticking.
  • do not pull on the thinnest suit panels. use the seams where possible.
  • pull the suit on straight without rolling or stretching it. align the seams prior to pulling the suit upwards.
  • the hips are the most difficult area, so take your time getting the suit over the hips.
  • once on, fold down the silicone grippers and you're ready to race.
  • pull the suit evenly on both sides to avoid bunching.
  • for optimal results, keep the 3dium™ fabric dry until you are ready to race.
chemicals & solvent

avoid contact with oil, gasoline, aerosols or any solvents as they degrade 3dium™. do not use any type of alcohol, or lubricant.