faster with deboer

we believe every human has potential that is beyond what they know. It's the part that we rarely allow ourselves to dream of. This yet-untapped potential is there for the taking - if we are only brave enough to reach out and grab it. deboer is there to help you realize your dreams, to help your spirit rise to new heights, to make your body better and stronger - and most important of all - to push you beyond your expectations. deboer is helping you tap into this potential with specialized equipment: deboer, alongside their leading Italian textile weavers, has created a biomimetic scale array to study these results and implemented them in a textile surface. The new 3dium™ fabric has a hexagonal 3D texture within the woven material. this layered scale array uses the boundary layer phenomenon to delay the laminar flow separation from the body, thus decreasing drag (decreasing drag actually is the most efficient way to improve your speed in water). best of all, 3dium™ is FINA-approved.

the 3dium™, why does it work?

we are different by design. we question all received wisdom and are ready to try new ideas. we borrow from the discoveries in biomimicry, we travel the world to meet with athletes and scientists, and we test what we claim. we learn along the way, confirming methods and materials, and we share the results of our progress with you, so you can in turn become more than you thought you could be. visit the deboer LABS to learn more.