Olympic Gold medalists, World Champions, and world record holders have been trusting deboer to swim faster in triathlon events since 2018. For the first time ever, deboer is taking 3DIUM technology and diving into the pool by launching an elite swim team for the 2024- 2025 swim season.

We're seeking exceptional athletes to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative. The team will be made up of age group swimmers between the ages of 13-24. If you have a relentless passion for the sport of swimming, an unwavering drive to push boundaries, and the ambition to compete at the highest levels, you could be one of the privileged few to join our inaugural team. This exclusive opportunity will grant you access to world-class deboer swim products, access to partner products, a supportive community of like-minded swimmers, all under the guidance of the renowned deboer brand.

We encourage all high performance swimmers within the age range to apply for this exclusive program. While a select team of athletes will be chosen to represent deboer at the highest level, we value the passion and commitment of every applicant. Some applicants can earn access to an exclusive discount on deboer products. This initiative aims to support and nurture swimming talent at various levels, providing opportunities for growth and excellence within the swim community.

Whether you're selected for the elite team or granted exclusive access to our premium products, you can now apply to swim faster with deboer.