Elite Triathlete Rico Bogen Collaborates with deboer for Ultimate Performance

We are thrilled to announce the current 70.3 Ironman World Champion Rico Bogen has joined forces with deboer to elevate his performance in the upcoming season.

Rico Bogen, renowned for his exceptional achievements in triathlon, will be showcasing his skills in the Fjord 3.0 and Tsunami 3.0 swimskins as he races towards the 2024 T100 Triathlon World Tour by the PTO / WTO and then sets his sights towards retaining his Ironman 70.3 title in Taupo in 2024 followed by the Kona Ironman World Championships in 2025.

The partnership between Rico Bogen and deboer Wetsuits signifies a union of excellence and innovation in the world of triathlon. After testing numerous wetsuits throughout the winter months, it quickly became clear that there was only one choice for him to help him reach the podium. The Fjord 3.0 wetsuit and Tsunami 3.0 swimskin, designed with cutting-edge technologies such as XSkin™ neoprene for enhanced buoyancy and 3Dium™ fabric for reduced drag, promise to optimize Rico's speed and efficiency in the water.

Alex deBoer, co-founder of deboer, was ecstatic at the opportunity to work directly with Rico to find the most optimal equipment. “When I watched Rico race this past year, I was reminded of what Jan Frodeno was like when he first came to Long Distance Triathlon. We are excited to collaborate with this young athlete as he undoubtedly has his best years in front of him.” Alex Bok, Manager to Rico Bogen, also noted: “A product partner such as deboer that understands the power of data, has a lazer focus on innovation with a long term vision, will be mission critical for Rico to push the final margins of athlete excellence."

When asked about the main reason for swimming with deboer, Rico simply said, “the results speak for themselves… Numerous tests with a half dozen wetsuits lead to clear data that showed I swim faster in a deboer."

Rico Bogen's collaboration with deboer wetsuits underscores both parties' commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving greatness in the sport of triathlon. Stay tuned as Rico takes on new challenges with the support of deboer.

Press Contact:
Jordan Bryden
Global Marketing Director - deboer wetsuits

About deboer:
deboer is a leading provider of high-performance wetsuits and swimskins designed to enhance athletes' performance in water sports such as triathlon and open water swimming.

About Rico Bogen:
Rico Bogen is a young, yet distinguished triathlete and the 2023 70.3 Ironman World Champion known for his exceptional talent and achievements in the world of endurance sports.