Considering taking on cold water swimming?  With the right equipment there is a new world of training and adventure possibilities.  We have complied tips that will help you explore the cold water.

Use Vaseline on the exposed skin on your face

  • Helps insulate your face from cold water
  • Apply liberally
  • Put on your face after your goggles to not compromise the seal

Fill wetsuit with warm water

  • Just prior to getting in the water squirt warm water in the neck of your wetsuit
  • Will warm you up before getting into the water and lessen any shock when first diving into cold water
  • Ensure you use warm and not hot water to avoid burning yourself
  • If you forget your warm water go for a quick jog or do some star-jumps to get your internal temperature up before diving into cold water

Use large goggles or a full snorkel face mask for extremely cold water

  • Limiting exposed skin will increase comfort in extremely cold water
    • Exposed skin around your face is often the element that limits the duration an athlete can comfortable swim in cold water
  • If you are trying new goggles be sure they are comfortable and do not limit your vision

Swim with a Training Partner

  • Anytime you are swimming in open water it is advisable to swim with a training partner, but it is especially relevant at colder temperatures when there will be less people in or on the water, or on shore
  • Being in the water with a training partner will help you focus on the swim, and on the adventure ahead

Keep swimming

  • Body heat will reflect off the ThermaFur lining of an Ocean 1.0 wetsuit to keep you warm as you swim
  • Limiting time floating or resting in cold water will help you remain warm

Prepare extra calories

  • Swimming in cold water will burn more calories, ensure you fuel adequately prior to your swim, and have something (ideally warm) to consume post swim

Disclaimer: Swimming in open water, especially cold water, can be dangerous.  You should consult with a physician to ensure you are in good health.  Always swim with a partner, and if you ever feel unwell you should go to shore right away, warm up, and seek medical attention if your condition does not improve.