Laura Knoblach sets new doubleDECA World Record

Laura Knoblach is the #fastestever female over the doubleDECA Ultra Triathlon in 633:41:39.  Knoblach began the Leon doubleDECA Ultra Triathlon early on October 5, 2019.  The race lasted over 26 days, covering 4520km, split up as a 76km swim, 3600km bike, and 844km run.

Team deboer athlete Laura knoblach sets new double deca ultra triathlon world record

Knoblach swam the entire 76km in a deboer Fjord 1.0 wetsuit to minimize shoulder fatigue and keep herself warm.  She time beat the previous World Record by more than 9-hours.  

Laura Knoblach sets new doubledeca triathlon world record in deboer Fjord 1.0 wetsuit