Daniela Ryf and Jan Frodeno headline Team deboer

deboer wetsuits is thrilled to announce a 3-year partnership’s with Daniela Ryf and Jan Frodeno.

Daniela Ryf

“I expect a lot from myself and I expect a lot from the equipment I use. My wetsuit needs to be fast, to fit perfectly, and to be comfortable. The deboer wetsuits really impressed me as the flexibility is the best I’ve ever swam in. I was also impressed with the whole team’s attention to detail and dedication to create a high performance wetsuit. I’m very excited to be part of the deboer team.” 

Jan Frodeno

“You need to get a lot of things right to make a good wetsuit, and this is the best wetsuit I’ve ever swam in. The thing I love the most about deboer wetsuits is the flexibility. With other wetsuits I have to compensate for the lack of flexibility by swimming with a straighter arm. The design and the cut of the deboer wetsuits allow me to use a more natural stroke and bring my swimming technique from the pool into the open water. The unmatched performance paired with elegant styling makes this a wetsuit that’s going to turn a lot of heads.”

Other athletes on the deboer wetsuit Team include Ben Kanute, Matt Russell, Céline Schärer, Brooke Brown, and Marcos Knight.