Fjord 1.0 vs Flōh 1.0 which wetsuit is right for you

One of the most common question we get is, 'Which wetsuit should I choose, the Fjord 1.0 or the Flōh 1.0?'  Both are incredible wetsuits that will help you be more comfortable and swim faster.  We are going to breakdown the differences between each so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

What is the same between the Fjord 1.0 and Flōh 1.0 wetsuits?

  • The majority of the wetsuit, outside of the arms and shoulders, are identical between the two wetsuits
  • 5mm WhaleSkin neoprene, which makes our wetsuits incredibly comfortable and buoyant, throughout the body and legs
  • DolphinSkin neoprene neck closures for a more comfortable, leak free collar
  • C8 coated, Hydrophobic Super-Stretch comfort lining that feels great
  • GlideSkin™ Surface coating

What is different between the Fjord 1.0 and Flōh 1.0 wetsuits?

  • The Fjord 1.0 uses 0.3mm patented DuraFlex™ shoulders and arms construction for unparalleled flexibility
  • The Flōh 1.0 uses 1.5mm UltraFlex shoulders and arms construction for added warmth with incredible flexibility

What wetsuit is right for you?

Do you find yourself regularly swimming in very cold bodies of water?  Or do you find yourself getting cold in the water when other athletes find it comfortable?  If you answered yes to either of these questions then you should opt for the Flōh 1.0 wetsuit.  If you did not answer yes to either of these questions, then the Fjord 1.0 is the right wetsuit for you.

We find that for 90% of athletes the Fjord 1.0 is the wetsuit for them.  But both wetsuits will help you be more comfortable, less restricted, and ultimately swim faster.

You can find the Fjord 1.0, Flōh 1.0, and all our other products in our online store.

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