Laura Siddall reviews the deboer Fjord 1.0 wetsuit for Neuff Red

Laura Siddall recently shared her experience swimming and racing a deboer wetsuit with Neuff Red.  Below is a excerpt of what Sid had to say:

How does the Deboer wetsuit rate? Why did I chose Deboer? Would I buy one if I wasn’t a Pro?

Yes! Is the short answer. Here’s the why.

Throughout my career I’ve tried probably most of the wetsuit brands out there and worn them for races over the years – Huub, Zone3, Roka, and Volare. There are suits amongst these brands that I did love wearing, but not coming from a swimming background, I guess I never really knew what I was meant to feel like swimming. It was when I was at Challenge Roth in 2019 that I came across Deboer. I was about to do one of my first swims, after breaking my collar bone in May, in the Roth pool and Deboer were there with a few representatives from the triathlon media. As a result, I got chatting to Deboer and was then invited to try the suit.

You can find the entire article HERE on the Neuff Red Blog. 

If you are in the UK and interested in a deboer wetsuit, reach out to the team at Neuff Red and they will be happy to help you.