Chelsea Sodaro grew up in Davis, California — Bike City, USA. She swam, biked, danced, and played competitive soccer as a young kid. In high school, Chelsea discovered an affinity for running and began competing in cross country and track. She was recruited by UC Berkeley, where she became a Four Time All-American. Chelsea transitioned to Triathlon after spending a few years pursuing professional running. Starting with ITU racing and then transitioning to long-course racing, Chelsea found herself at the top of elite-level racing. In 2021, Chelsea and her husband Steve welcomed their daughter, Skye. Fast-forward to 18 months to the Ironman World Championships, where Chelsea defeated the best athletes in the sport in Kona, Hawaii. Chelsea is an advocate for women in sport and supporting women throughout their maternity and return to sport.

Finding the perfect wetsuit can be really challenging, so I'm especially proud to partner with Deboer. We share similar values and we both want to push the limits of human performance. Deboer is an innovative, creative, forward thinking company. And it's all about the athletes! The suits allow me to find my natural stroke without restricting my shoulders. I love how I feel in the water and know I'm getting a competitive advantage.
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