When you pair the Ocean 1.0 wetsuit with the Polar Hoodie, Polar Gloves, and Polar Socks, it will help keep you warm in cold water down to 6°C. But you want to ensure you put it on properly to ensure the best fit and comfort for cold water swims.

  1. Put on protective gloves or use swim caps to cover your hands. Most damage to a wetsuit occurs when you are putting it on.  Even trimmed nails can put micro tears in neoprene that can grow as a wetsuit is used. 
  2. Pull on Polar Hoodie.  The Polar Hoodie will go under your wetsuit.  The hood will protect your head while the vest will help keep your core warm. 
  3. Pull on the Ocean 1.0 wetsuit up to your waist.  Some athletes like to put bags over their feet to make it easier for their feet to slide through the legs.  Once your have your feet out the bottom be sure to work your way up the leg, pulling to ensure you have your wetsuit high on your waist. 
  4. Put on the Polar Socks.  The Polar Socks will tuck under the leg of your wetsuit.  It is easiest to roll up the leg of your Ocean 1.0 wetsuit to mid-calf, put on your Polar Socks, and then roll the leg of your Ocean 1.0 wetsuit down over the Polar Sock. 
  5. Pull on the upper body of the Ocean 1.0 wetsuit.  When you are putting your arms in the sleeves you will notice the wrist is quite tight to prevent any water from making its way into the wetsuit.  This is normal.  You will also want to take care to ensure the Ocellus circles are centered on your shoulders and elbows to maximize your visibility in the water. 
  6. Put on your goggles.  
  7. Apply Vaseline to your face.  You want to apply Vaseline after you have put on your goggles to ensure you are not compromising the seal of your goggles. 
  8. Put on Polar Gloves.  We recommend you roll up the sleeves of your Ocean 1.0 wetsuit above the wrist.  Once you have put on your Polar Gloves you can roll the sleeves back down so that the cuffs of your Polar Gloves will be under the sleeves of your Ocean 1.0 wetsuit. 
  9. Squirt warm water inside your Ocean 1.0 wetsuit.  Ensure the water is warm and not hot.  This will make the transition into the cold water more comfortable. 
  10. Swim. 

Disclaimer: Swimming in open water, especially cold water, can be dangerous.  You should consult with a physician to ensure you are in good health.  Always swim with a partner, and if you ever feel unwell you should go to shore right away, warm up, and seek medical attention if your condition does not improve.